Technical Services Offered

At Liberty Rehab, we pride ourselves on the level of technical and clinical services we offer to our institutional clients, including long-term care facilities and hospitals. We believe that it is only through the excellent work of our technicians and clinicians that we can preserve and grow our institutional relationships. We provide a broad range of services to our institutional clients that includes the following:

  • Room-to-room checks two to three times per week per facility, 52 weeks per year, to track and document any changes in equipment use and utilization rates.
  • Technician services available 24/7/365 at no additional charge (after-hours, holidays).
  • Quarterly equipment inspections to assure that all equipment is functioning within all manufacturer specifications. Document all such inspections and tag equipment accordingly.
  • Provide access to respiratory therapists when clinical services are required (pulse oximetry assessments, CPAP/BIPAP mask fittings, staff education)
  • Check for adequate backup equipment at the facility when current equipment breaks down, requires maintenance or becomes inoperable due to power outages.
  • Inspect all emergency-use oxygen tanks to verify all tanks are full, properly equipped, properly tagged and ready to use.
  • Check portable oxygen equipment for proper function. Replace if necessary and document all equipment changes.
  • Refill portable oxygen units during regularly scheduled visits and document each refill.
  • Change out all disposable, single-patient use supplies once every week and document such changes on census report.
  • Check with nursing staff to verify all respiratory needs of patients are being appropriately satisfied. Address any issues or concerns.