Institutional Customers

Why Skilled Nursing Facilities Choose Liberty Rehab for In-House Medical Equipment Services

Liberty Rehab provides a broad range of respiratory and medical equipment services to skilled nursing facilities and hospitals throughout Connecticut. Our respiratory equipment services include all modalities of oxygen service, including both liquid and compressed gas oxygen systems, as well as sleep therapy equipment services (CPAP and BiPAP equipment and patient accessories), and nebulizer equipment and supplies. We also provide skilled nursing facilities with standard and bariatric powered wound care mattresses as well as bariatric hospital beds and other medical equipment as needed.

Since 2005, Liberty Rehab has increased the number of skilled nursing facilities it serves by 48%, and during this time has not lost a single institutional client to a competitor. We believe there are several reasons why nursing facilities and hospitals choose Liberty Rehab for their critical medical equipment needs, including the following:


  • 42 years in Connecticut and New York; Over 15 years with nursing facilities
  • Full-service institutional AND homecare equipment services provider
  • Fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) in three key areas: Clinical Respiratory Services, Home Medical Equipment Services, and Fitter Services (for post-mastectomy prostheses and orthopedic footwear for diabetics)
  • Credentialed Employees on Staff – Respiratory Therapists and Registered Nurses

Quality of Patient Care

  • Accredited in both Clinical Respiratory AND Medical Equipment Services
  • Continuity of Care – Unlike most of our competitors we offer our nursing facility patients a seamless transition of equipment services when they are discharged to their homes. We can provide not only the same services as the patient received when he or she was under our care at the nursing facility, but we can also provide the full range of medical equipment and supplies when they go home
  • Training of facility employees on all equipment – We routinely provide full training to the staff of our institutional clients so they are completely familiar with the equipment we have provided for their patients

Flexible Solutions

  • Service Plans – We offer our institutional clients flexible service plans that meet their specific needs. We can offer fixed-price monthly contracts or variable-price contracts depending on the equipment used by the facility.
  • Equipment Offerings – Some facilities only want to use our oxygen equipment services, while others may only want to use our wound mattress services or our bariatric equipment services. Since we offer a full range of respiratory and medical equipment services, our facility clients can pick and choose the equipment services they actually need or want from us.
  • No Long-Term Contracts – We’ve never required long-term service contracts because we’ve never had to. We earn our clients’ business every day. Between 2005 and 2011, we have not lost a single facility client to a competitor. Over the same period of time, we have increased the number of facilities we serve by 48%.

Cost Savings

  • Labor Cost Savings for the Facility – Our facility clients realize substantial labor savings by allowing our trained technicians and clinical staff to do the work associated with our respiratory and other medical equipment. This frees valuable facility staff to do the work they were trained to do – caring for facility patients.
  • 3rd Party Billing – We participate with Medicare, Connecticut Medicaid and most major medical insurers in Connecticut. Many insurers will pay for medical equipment used by their members while they reside in a skilled nursing facility. By billing patients’ medical insurance, we can offer our facility clients significant cost savings. For a facility’s private-pay patients, we can also bill patients or their responsible parties directly – rather than billing the facility. We can also bill a patient’s hospice provider once he or she is admitted to a hospice program.
  • Reduced capital costs for equipment – Liberty provides all of the respiratory and medical equipment needed.
  • FREE Employee Training – Liberty never charges its facility clients for the training we provide on how to use our equipment.
  • FREE Oxygen Disposables in Most Plans – In most cases, our facilities never pay for single-patient use disposable items (oxygen cannulas, tubing, oxygen masks, nebulizer kits, etc.)